Hairdresser says we’re washing our hair wrong and missing out an important step

A hairdresser has taken to TikTok to tell us all that we’ve been washing our hair wrong and missing out an essential step – as you’re supposed to do two rounds with shampoo.

Amy shared a tutorial online, under the username, saying there is definitely a ‘correct’ way to keep your hair fresh and clean.

She said the first step is to get your hair nice and wet, then run shampoo all through, including your hairline and nape, before rinsing your hair.

Then, she said it is essential to shampoo your hair once more – but this time focus on your scalp and let the rest of the suds pass gently through your hair.

In the clip, Amy said: “Thoroughly wet your hair, spread the shampoo over your hands and evenly distribute the shampoo all over your scalp.

“Don’t miss your hairline or nape.”

She then says you have to shampoo your scalp, then rinse, then add conditioner – which should be applied to the ends of your hair, avoiding the roots, and should be left to soak.

Amy’s video has so far been viewed over one million times, and has received a flurry of comments from people who were supportive of the technique.

One wrote: “It’s always a good tip to gently squeeze the excess water out your hair before applying conditioner so it’s not diluted completely by the wet hair.”

While another said: “I understand why but am no less horrified.”

And a third added: “What, shampoo twice?!”

“So I was curious and tried this,” a fourth user said. “Now my hair is super soft and feels cleaner. Like, excuse me, what?”