‘My ex wants me to stop going to his favourite restaurant but it’s so good’

A woman said that she had been accused of ‘stalking’ her ex-boyfriend by continuing to visit one of his favourite restaurants – adding she didn’t see why she should give it a wide birth just because they broke up.

Taking to Reddit, the woman said that she and her partner had separated in a ‘messy’ way and that the pair no longer saw eye to eye, but she was determined to be civil.

When they were together he had shown her a favourite restaurant of his, that served Korean BBQ food, and she enjoyed it so much that she continued going after the pair split.

But one day he took a new date there on the same day the woman visited – and he accused her of stalking him when she refused to leave.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said: “So when I was dating my ex-boyfriend he’d take me to this wonderful Korean BBQ place, it is his favourite restaurant and I love it too.

“We ended up breaking up in a rather messy and bad way as the relationship turned sour, I won’t play the blame game there was fault on both sides.

“I wasn’t about to let a bad break up prevent me going to get food I loved though so I still visit the place from time to time.

“We broke up a year ago and a little while ago we ran into each other there while he was on a date with another woman.

“I resolved to ignore him and enjoy my food but he saw me and demanded to know what I was doing there and even asked me if I was stalking him, apparently my laughter at the very idea offended him even further and I told him he was flattering himself far too much that I just like the food there.

“Some of my friends think it’s weird I continue to go here though and that it could cause further incidents if I run into him and that I should just not go here anymore as it was his first and be considerate, I think it’s ridiculous as it’s just a restaurant I happen to like.”

After the woman shared her story, other Reddit users were quick to offer advice and told her that she should feel free to eat wherever she likes.

One said: “He doesn’t own the restaurant therefore he has no say whether you go there or not. To be honest, he should be more concerned with his date rather than what you are up to otherwise he’ll not see his date again.”

While another added: “Korean BBQ is so good that it’s worth the risk of running into him.”

And a third wrote: “With one encounter in a year, seems like a non-issue for an adult. Sorry your ex is being silly – bet that went over really well with his date.”