Couple swap home for tent in the Scottish Highlands so they can live rent-free

A couple who live in a tent full-time so they can be rent -free have shared a look into their home.

TikTok user Bethan Lindsay moved into her bell tent in the Scottish Highlands last month and keeps warm using a wood burning stove.

Bethan and her partner have an outdoor composting toilet and outdoor shower that they must use whatever the weather, as well as an outdoor sink.

But their stove is located inside the tent with a chimney so fumes can escape – meaning they can cook inside.

While their set-up might not be to everyone’s taste, it does mean Bethan and her partner live rent free and can save cash.

The couple also enjoy stunning surroundings of the natural woodland landscape, with their only neighbours being the wildlife that inhabit the area.

Bethan recently showed her TikTok followers around her tent, which she has affectionately named Bessie the Bell Tent, on her @yogicliving page.

She said: “My name is Bethan and I live in a bell tent with my partner in the Scottish Highlands.”

As she filmed the gorgeous landscape that surrounds her unusual home, Bethan added: “This is what the land looks like that we are on.

“The trees help protect us from the wind.

“We’re in a sheltered spot thankfully, but very grateful for our wood burning stove.“

Bethan and her partner plan on using the money they’re saving from rent to buy land in Scotland.

She added: “Our dream is to build a wooden A frame eventually.

“We’re looking to buy and land here typically is £5k upwards.”

TikTok users were in awe of the “idyllic” home with some people calling the tent “peaceful” and “perfect”.

One person said: “Amazing life you will have. Would be my perfect lifestyle. Enjoying the peace and beautiful countryside.”

Another added: “My god yes plz. Can I stay.”

But a third queried: “Looks brilliant but must be the coldest wettest place to be?”

And others couldn’t stand the idea of living in a tent, saying: “Couldn’t think of anything worse.”

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