‘I learned French to ask out a girl I liked turns out she was German’

A teenager was left red-faced after learning French to impress a girl he liked – as he soon learned that she was German.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that he saw a girl at school who took his fancy but he knew very little about her, only that she was foreign.

So he decided to impress her by asking her out in her own language and spent months learning French – even paying for Babbel, and having one-on-one sessions with native French speakers.

Then he approached her and, in perfect French, asked her if she would like to go out with him – only for her to curtly reply, also in French, “you know I’m German right?”

Taking to Reddit, the teenager said: “Rather than going up to her and talking like a rational human being I decided instead to learn French to impress her.

“At the time I had some extra cash and subscribed to a few programs like Babble and Duolingo to help me learn the language.

“I even looked around online to find a French native to practice my skills with. While I was learning French, I hyped myself up thinking she’s going to be so surprised when I speak her language.”

The love-struck teen approached the girl and said “Bonjour je m’appelle Michael tu veux sortir?”, Which translates: “Hello, my name is Michael, would you want to go out with me?”

And she then replied: “C’est gentil de ta part Michael mais tu sais que je suis allemand non?” Which means: “It’s nice of you Michael, but you know I’m German right?”

The teen continued: “I didn’t catch that last part and I asked her to repeat that again in English. She repeats her response in English.

“Hearing this my heart drops straight through the floor. I immediately got flustered, came up with a dumb excuse and walked away.”

After sharing his amusing story on Reddit, the man was inundated with comments from others who praised him for his effort.

One said: “My guy I understand you fucked that up but genuine props on learning another language.”

And a second wrote: “Dude, roll with it and be humble. That is one heck of an icebreaker failure, but one you can try to recover from. Try self-deprecation backed up with confidence.”

While another quipped: “C’est la vie.”